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Edward D. Fry, Marine Engineer license #833473, BSBA, Southern Illinois University, born 1935, St. Louis, Mo. A second generation boatbuilder, Fry grew up in his father's boatyard on the Mississippi River serving his apprenticeship in all of the boatbuilding disciplines resulting in a broad appreciation for the materials, machinery and labor required for quality construction. Fry has written numerous articles about Naval Architecture, yacht design, boat design and constructions. (List of published articles available on request)

1967 - Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Member
1967 - Society of Small Craft Designers, Director
1969 - American Society of Naval Engineers, Civil Member
1975 - American Boat & Yacht Council, Professional Member
1990 - The Superyacht Socety, Professional Member
1993 - Society of Boat & Yacht Designers, Member
1994 - National Association of Marine Investigators, Inc., Member
1997 - Marine Consultants Association, Member
1998 - The Society of Marine Consultants, Member

In 1978, after 22 years of boat building experience, including being CEO of two boat building firms. Edward Fry established FRYCO as an independent design firm. Fry has supervised the design and construction of over 700 commercial, military and pleasure craft including: U.S. Navy high-speed combatants for Navy SEAL Teams, catamarans for commercial and U.S. Army use, monohull yachts up to 50 knots, and rig service vessels up to 30 knots. He has conducted scale model tests at various institutions and has a large data base available for design study. Fry designed the equipment and wrote training manuals for oil pollution recovery equipment for five major seaports. For four years he supervised a Middle East Licensee shipyard.

FRYCO designs vessels up to 90 meters(300 ft.) and specializes in special purpose craft and megayachts. Experienced in gas/turbine engine packaging and installation, as well as diesel and petro engines. Computer models are used for speed prediction and hydrostatics. Hulls are created with computer graphics making fully developed offsets available to the builder for automatic CAD/CAM cutting.

Dynamic stability, floodable length, damage stability and other USCG and SOLAS stability calculations are carried out by computer programs where the vessels action can be predicted by varying the environmental parameters, simulating wind and heel conditions.

Ed Fry's building background assures practical, economic designs with emphasis placed on reliability and serviceability. Designs are to American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd's Rules of Shipping and/or U.S. Coast Guard as directed. FRYCO prepares Boat Training and Operational Manuals as required by USCG for Passenger Vessels and under MSA as well as for safe operation of Pleasure Yachts.


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