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FRYCO often prepares bid proposals for owners to solicit pricing from shipyards or for shipyards to make presentations to owners. Bid proposals often become contract documents and the contract performance is based on these preliminary works. A good proposal is important since the builder must perform in accordance with the proposal and the buyer expects a finished product that looks like the proposal and operates in accordance with the specifications. If the bid proposal is too Spartan and necessary details are not covered, the result can be poor performance or an array of change orders. Likewise if the bid proposal specifies performance requirements where the drafter has not determined that the performance is feasible, the buyer may be disappointed and the builder saddled with a contract that includes impossible performance.


FRYCO uses the GHS program which is the same program used by the U.S. Coast Guard, ABS, DnV, Lloyds and other classification societies. Once we have prepared a hydrostatic study the reviewing authority can quickly verify our results on their computers and should obtain the same answers since we are using the same program. Even when not required by law, hydrostatic studies of a new design are essential to prove that the boat is safe and seaworthy. Should there be an accident during the boat's history, the builder has protected himself by being able to demonstrate that before delivery of the boat, years before the accident, the builder did due diligence, proving the safety of the product before delivery to the user.


FRYCO has computer programs to predict speed and performance as well as seakeeping and has through the years gathered a large library of model test data which can be used to determine power necessary for performance desired. Before a buyer spends several thousand or million dollars on a propulsion system, the powering study is certainly prudent.


Ed Fry has been involved in model testing numerous designs since 1967 and has the privilege of working with Test Basins throughout North America and Europe. We can conduct testing programs for your proposed project whether it be new construction or re-powering that will save the owner several times the cost of the model test either in building or over a period of years in operating cost.

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